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Navigate is our state-of-the-art online route planner that will help you find the best and most efficient way to transport your container cargo via Rotterdam. It includes shortsea and deepsea schedules, covering 550 ports around the world, as well as rail and barge connections to more than 150 inland terminals in Europe. It is the perfect tool to optimise the efficiency of your freight flows.

Based on your point of departure and arrival Navigate will present you with various options and expected transit times, so that you can choose the one that suits you best. Navigate also contains a list of more than 1,600 companies in and around the port of Rotterdam that can provide you with a wide range of products and services. On top of this, a so-called ‘empty depot tool’ is also part of Navigate – indicating where empty containers can be repositioned.

Five reasons to use Navigate

• The smartest way to find the best transport routes via Rotterdam
• Quickly find locations in Europe to reposition your empty containers
• Connect with companies in and around the port of Rotterdam
• Only a few mouse clicks to request more information or ask for a quote
• Easy to use!

This is just the beginning

Navigate is a dynamic tool and we will continue to further improve it. Our next step will be to gain more insight into the carbon footprint of container transport. And Navigate will soon be expanded to include real-time data on the Estimated Times of Arrival and Departure (ETA and ETD) of sea-going vessels. It is our ambition to keep adding more operational data, so that Navigate will become an increasingly valuable tool to improve transport efficiency.